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Things to Consider:

  • PREPARATION: How to make it look like the dream home someone else will want
  • AGENT: Who do I hire? What will it cost me? 
  • MARKETING: How to market your house to get the most for it
  • LEGAL: Which forms and other legal considerations do I need to know about?
  • PROFIT: How much will I make in selling my home?

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Selling in Seattle


If you didn't know, Seattle is a very active real estate market. When houses go on the market they tend to go very fast. Do you have an agent that knows the most you can get out of your home? How to negotiate deals to protect your interests? How to make your home look its best so it maximizes its potential in this strong market? It can be very competitive and you'll want an agent like TJ Dunbaden who you can trust, who has the experience and expertise in reading the market, negotiating with other agents, and making sure you're taken care of the whole way through.

Selling outside of Seattle


Outside of the city of Seattle, it's still a seller's market and the BEST TIME TO SELL, but you will need to consider how to prepare the look of your home to the public and how to market it optimally to make sure you're taking full advantage of this market that's in your favor. You'll want nwmodern as the team promoting your home.