Learn about Zoning

The biggest thing to know about zoning is                                                                                  what the codes mean and how to find the codes.

Where to Find Zoning Codes

Often major counties will have a website with a parcel viewer. You can search specifically by address or generally by locating on a map. Once you select the address/parcel in question navigate to the property detail report. It is there that you can find the zoning field and see what the code. Next up-how to read the codes.

King County Parcel Viewer | Snohomish County Parcel Viewer | Pierce County Parcel Viewer


How to Read Zoning Codes

Every County and City has its own codes, however there are some commonalities that can help you have a good guess before you verify.

Base Codes:

DU= Dwelling Unit

RA= Rural Area

A= Agricultural

F= Forest

M= Mineral

R= Residential

NB= Neighborhood Business

CB= Community Business

RB= Regional Business

O= Office

I= Industrial

UR= Urban Reserve

If There is a number attached to the Base Code it means either:

-How many Dwelling Units per acre (usually for Rural and Agricultural) OR

-One Dwelling Unit per how many acres (usually for Residential)


Links to Specific County and City Designations

King County Zoning Codes

Snohomish County Zoning Codes

Pierce County Zoning Codes


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